Traditional Thai Massage or Foot Reflexology

This traditional Thai experience is not to be missed!  Therapeutic Thai Massage will help relieve the stresses and strains of every day life, leaving one feeling refreshed and ready to go. 

 ·         120 minutes Foot Massage & Reflexology   -   This classic massage releases muscle tension on the feet and legs. It promotes relaxation and brings in a sense of well-being.  And the entire treatment applies manual and digital pressure to the skin to revitalize energy and balance the entire system. Reflexology reduces stress and improves circulation. It is calming and relaxing.

·         90 minutes Signature Treatment : Color Hot Stone Massage     The Color Hot Stone Massage Therapy is based on the Shiatsu Massage, Japanese Style. With its difference in colors, each stone has its speciality. For example, Red Jasper is excellent to improve blood circulation and digestive system, whereas the White Jade is excellent to improve kidney system, balance fluid circulation and PH balance of the whole body. The secret of colored hot stone massage therapy is deeply concentrated through spirituality. Placing the incredible hot colored stones strategically along the ‘Chakra’ together with the massage therapy, allow a deeper healing power to rejuvenate and reenergize the whole body system from inside out.     

 ·         90 minutes traditional Thai Massage With Herbal Compress  -  This therapy draws on the massage traditions used for centuries in the Royal Thai Palaces. Our therapist begins with an oil-free Thai traditional massage to increase blood circulation and balance your energy to free you from stiffness and pain. Right after the massage, application of our unique hot herbal massage bag further reduces muscle soreness and tension.