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Why not enhance your corporate events by hiring helicopter or private jet. We can even display your company's logos on the helicopters or private chartered jet and arrange personal landing sites and fully catered departure areas In fact, we provide everything necessary to make chartering a flight work for you and your event.

Speed & Efficiency
Air chartering  will never be easy, meaning that with our large networking chartered partner companies working 7 days a week, they have all of the necessary skills and contacts to organiser your complete itinerary from chauffeur driven limousines through to recommending a luxury hotel, a simple email or phone call is all that we requires, after that our team will find the right aircraft of your choice, leaving you and your staff free to concentrate on your business.


small helicopter--to--sky jet or beyond........

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Safetly Measurement & Our Proficiency 
Our aircrafts are expected to pass rigorous qualification requirements. Likewise, charter of aircraft  requires its chartered partners to meet the strict standards imposed. We are therefore able to offer our customers a wide range of aircraft to meet their specific needs. Our charter flight partner companies will ensure that you have the right aircraft with a high standard of operation to suit your needs. Be it a heavy jet for longer flights with more passengers or a light jet or helicopter for a short trip and fewer passengers, our chartered partners will be able to cater them to you.  


Flexibility & Conveniently
From small Helicopter or jet that accommodate up to four passengers for a short trip, to a Gulfstream or Global Express seating as many as 50 passengers and going cost-to-coast or beyond; i.e. Alaska glacier, Iguzu falls etc.. relax with your group in your private regional jet with custom catering, flying non-stop direct between the airports of your choice on your own schedule. Enjoy true VIP group travel; avoid the airline terminals and use private executive FBOs where you park near your aircraft and board with no security screening hassles. Cabin attendants will be on board to attend to your group's personal comfort. Conveniently positioned and available around the country, regional jet charters can be an economical and extrememly convenient option for groups of up to 50 passengers. 


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