Balinese Lulur SPA

Traditional massage will help you to improve blood circulation, relieve muscular tension, and invigorate the body through and through. Our professional masseurs make you feel a supple, new being. Make your massage complete with a lulur body peet - a colourfully complete body treatment. 

Immerse yourself in one of our world class Jacuzzi, letting the banality and business of everyday life transform into clouds of steamy vapour. Lie back and relax to soothing music - utter bliss. Choose whatever takes your fancy - piping hot or refreshing cool , alone or in a group. Afterwards, top it off with a private sauna, all in one location.


  • Traditional Balinese  This is a therapy where pushing techniques predominate, working very deeply to ease muscle and joint pain. It is an ancient system of healing which relies upon deep pressure massage to break down tensely knotted tissue and promote harmony of body, mind and soul. It should improve your circulation, calm your nerves and alter your mental state.

    The Traditional Balinese Massage is an extension of the Ayurvedic massage. It is a deep oil-based massage. The deep pressure massage also uses skin rolling to relieve tension. Oil is mixed with some essential oils for a Balinese Traditional Massage.

Body Scrubs

A paste is made, consisting of many different ingredients. This is spread over your body and left for 15-20 minutes, then scraped off. The main aim is to remove all of the dead skin.

  • Balinese Boreh  Traditionally found in the rice growing areas of Bali, the warm potent spices of the Boreh paste were blended at night by the mother and applied as a warm healing pack on family members who spent their entire day in the rice paddies. Many different herbs and spices are combined to make this paste but usually include cloves, ginger, pepper and nutmeg.

  • Javanese Lulur  Often described as The Queen of Body Treatments, it originated in the palaces of Central Java during the 17th century. It was used by Javanese brides as a purifying ritual before marriage. The Lulur scrub with its golden yellow colour refelcting its main ingredient, turmeric, has unique cleansing properties. Turmeric is most commonly combined with sandalwood and rice powder. After this scrub the body is usually coated with a yoghurt splash to cleanse and nourish the skin.

          Other scrubs can consist of coffee, green tea and many other ingredients.