Dr. Fan Gang

Client: Mirae Securities Theme: Insight on global change

 Dr. Fan Gang, Director of the National Economic Research Institute in Beijing,  recently spoke at Mirae Securities annual investor relations conference in Seoul, Korea. 

The theme was "Insight on Global Change."  The conference drew more than 700 participants from around the world.  Besides Dr. Fan Gang, Dr. Augusto Lopez, the former Chief Economist at the World Economic Forum, also spoke at the conference.  He touched on economic issues relating to Europe, while Dr. Gang discussed economic issues relating to China.


Dr. Fred Hu

TOPICS :  Finance, Economics, Management / Leadership 

Dr. Fred Hu is Chairman of Greater China at Goldman Sachs. Before joining Goldman Sachs in 1997, Dr. Hu was a staff member at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington D.C., where he was engaged in macroeconomic research and policy consultations for a number of member country governments including China.

Dr. Hu has advised the Chinese government on financial reform, pension reform and macroeconomic policies, and has worked closely with China’s leading companies including Bank of China, Bank of Conications, China Development Bank, ICBC, Ping An, and ZTE on business strategy, capital raising, and cross-border merger and acquisitions. He has led many of the largest and most significant landmark transactions for Goldman Sachs, and has been instrumental in building the firm’s franchise in the region. He sits on the advisory board for China Huarong Asset Management Company, Shanghai Pudong Development bank, and the South China Morning Post.

Dr. Hu is a member of the Strategic Development Committee chaired by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, a member of on the Advisory Committee for the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, and is also a member of the Asia Pacific Council of the Nature Conservancy.
Dr. Hu has served since 1996 as co-director and professor at the National Center for Economic Research (NCER) at Tsinghua University in Beijing, where he teaches a graduate course in international finance and macroeconomics. Dr. Hu has published widely on economics and financial markets. He is a member of the editorial board for several academic journals, including the International Economic Review, and is a columnist for Caijing, China’s leading financial and business magazine.

Dr. Hu earned an MS in Engineering Science from Tsinghua University and an MA and PhD in Economics from Harvard University.

Dr. Wang Yizhou

TOPICS : Chinese Politics and Economy, International Relations 

Dr. Wang Yizhou is now the Deputy Director and senior research fellow at the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Known mainly as an expert and professor of international relations, Dr. Wang is also the editor in chief, World Economics and Politics, a CASS magazine published monthly in Chinese.

Professor Wang had been invited to lecture at numerous renowned universities, among others, Hungary Academy of Sciences (1987-1988) and Harvard University (1996-1997).

As far as research is concerned, Dr. Wang is continuing his research; conducting specifically within two research groups(CASS and Defense University of PLA) on China’s engagement with key international regimes and adjustment under the changing international environment.

Dr Wang has published several books since 1995 in both Mainland China and Taiwan.  The most well known works, among others, are Theories in International Politics (1998) and Analyses on Contemporary International Politics (1995). Wang received both his Masters and Doctorates from CASS.


George Gu


TOPICS : Investing and doing business in China

George Zhibin Gu, a native of Xian in central China, is a journalist, author, and business consultant based in Guangdong, China. He obtained his education at Nanjing University in China and Vanderbilt University and the University of Michigan in the United States. He holds two MS degrees (1983-4) and a PhD (1987) from the University of Michigan. 
His professional work consists of several parts, which covers business, professional, and intellectual issues.  From the Business end, George is highly experienced in business strategies.  He has more than two decades of experience focusing on doing business in China.
He has written dozens of research papers and interviews, which have appeared in newspapers and magazines globally, including Asia Times, Beijing Review, The Seoul Times, Financial Sense, Gurus Online, Money Week, World Association of International Studies, Executive Digest, Asia Venture Capital Journal, Online Opinion, and Sinomania. George’s Books and research publications are widely used in universities, research centers and institutions around globe.
George is also an informal advisor to numerous media outlets such was Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Dow Jones, Business Week, Le Monde, Time Magazine, Expresso Weekly, Brazil Globe, and Euromoney.

Rajendra Pachauri

Client: Women's Forum Theme: Growth and Sustainability
Rajendra  Pachauri Rajendra Pachauri
Chairman of the IPCC, joint winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

The 4th annual Women's Conference was held in Shanghai this May.  Dr. Rajendra Pachauri was the keynote speaker during the gala event.  The 4th annual Women's Conference drew over 700 participants from all over the globe. 

Despite being billed as a Women's Conference, nearly 30% of the participants were men.  Congratulations to Dr. Claude Smadja for his efforts in putting forth such a noteworthy event .