Ian Goldin

Client: Global Water Intelligence Theme: The Future of the Water Industry

Ian  Goldin Ian Goldin
Director of the 21st Century School at the University of Oxford

I was particularly impressed by the effort Ian Goldin put into preparing a presentation which suited our audience.

It was a tour de force, which impressed everyone I spoke to. 

Although he was speaking to an audience of specialists, he had done his homework well enough to avoid any blunders in their areas of expertise. Furthermore, by pulling together a much broader view of the subject than any of them had considered before, he left the audience in awe


Augusto Lopez Claros

Client: Microsoft Theme: Innovation and Productivity in the Americas
Augusto Lopez Claros Augusto Lopez Claros
Former Director of the Global Competitveness Report at the World Economic Forum

On behalf of Microsoft, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your participation in the 2009 Global Leaders Forum Americas.

Your presentation was a key part of our event and contributed greatly to its success. Your ideas, valued insights and thoughts contributed greatly to the overall impact of this important event and underscored this year’s theme “Fostering Innovation and Productivity in the Americas”.

I would like to express my personal gratitude for your participation and for devoting your time, effort and expertise. Your contribution helped make the 2009 GLF Americas such a meaningful success. 


Emma Crosby

Client: Standard Bank Theme: Conference Presenter
"...Emma Crosby was tremendous in carrying the day, linking speakers and themes, and fabulous charm and composure...Emma Crosby did a fantastic job in anchoring!....Emma was outstanding and a great inclusion and asset to the conference. She was unbelievably professional throughout ,...Emma Crosby was excellent and made the conference come across as extremely professional ...
Emma Crosby from Sky TV was excellent as a host, she should be considered for next year, added a different dimension...The insight of Emma Crosby added greatly to the continuity of the conference. "


Lewis Gordon Pugh

Client: TT International Theme: Teamwork and Leadership
Lewis Gordon Pugh Lewis Gordon Pugh
The first swimmer in history to complete a long distance swim in all 5 oceans of the world

“Lewis spoke at our offsite conference.  He spoke on teamwork and leadership.  The group was absolutely inspired by him.  Both his delivery and his content were extraordinarily high.  I can recommend him without reservation.”
TT International.

“Lewis's talk was inspirational and had the entire room captivated. We couldn't have chosen a more perfect speaker with such a compelling story to tell, to put all our efforts around tackling Climate Change into renewed perspective! "
British Gas


Thank you for coming to speak to us.  You have a very special gift.  Not many people can speak to a group of world leaders like you did - with so much authority and passion.  I could have heard a pin drop.”
Ted Turner - Founder of CNN

“Lewis is certainly one of the most exciting speakers I have heard.  He is a brave and courageous leader who adds a fresh perspective to climate change.” 
Al Gore - Former Vice President of America



Dominic Alldis

Client: Booz Allen Hamilton Theme: Leadership, Communication, Creativity
Dominic Alldis Dominic Alldis
Leadership through music

"We engaged Dominic Alldis as its keynote speaker at one of the company’s Senior Leadership meeting. More than 300 of Booz Allen’s senior leaders from across the United States attended to learn new and innovative ways to collaborate within teams and across the organization. Dominic used music as the metaphor to demonstrate leadership, creativity, innovation, teamwork, collaboration, and improvisation—all key tenets to running a successful organization. Dominic’s presentation and insights made the meeting one of the most successful senior meetings the company has had—we highly recommend Dominic as a speaker for any organization interested in achieving its potential. "



James Alexander

Client: AXA Theme: Innovation, Thinking Differently, Customer Service
James Alexander James Alexander
Co-founder of Egg and Zopa - Customer Service, Technology and Innovation

"Great demonstration of how you can take an idea  and with determination turn this into an effective business."

"A very enjoyable and worthwhile session providing an insight into the development of two very different business models."

"Thoroughly enjoyable session – James was a very inspirational speaker."

 I thought that the session was invaluable.  I think that James provided an opportunity that should be embraced with regards to the way in which it can achieve its objectives of Ambition 2012. 

"Great demonstration of how you can take an idea  and with determination turn this into an effective business."


Sir Gerry Robinson

Client: Richmond Events Theme: Action, Strategy and Change
Sir Gerry Robinson Sir Gerry Robinson
Former CEO, presenter of BBC TV's I''ll show them Who's Boss.

"Sir Gerry Robinson was excellent and very well received by the audience - a fantastic speaker."

Sir Gerry Robinson will also investigae Britain's car industry on BBC TV.  In a “Money Programme” special, "Gerry Robinson's Car Crash" he gets stuck in on the production line at Nissan’s Sunderland factory, test-drives the world’s first electric sports car, challenges Lord Mandelson on the Government’s efforts to lead Britain’s car industry through the recession, and asks Sir James Dyson whether Britain should be in the business of manufacturing at all.


Sahar Hashemi

Client: Deutsche Bank Theme: Motivation and Risk-Taking
Sahar Hashemi Sahar Hashemi
Co-Founder of Coffee Republic
"Excellent. An extremely motivational presentation that was given excellent feedback by all conference attendees. Sahar's enthusiasm and sense of humour were a perfect combination to close a long day of presentations. Her down to earth approach meant the wider audience were able to relate to what she was saying." 

Anna Ford

Client: The Entrepreneurs Forum Theme: Conference presenter
"Anna was a true professional . She helped to steer the conference in the right direction, clearly researched her questions to the speakers and gave the impression that she was really enjoying her role. The feedback from delegates has been overwhelming!" 

Alan Hansen

Client: T-Mobile Theme: Team-Building
Alan Hansen Alan Hansen
Former captain of Liverpool FC, Scotland international, and Match of the Day pundit

"Alan gave a very positive and interesting message, that fitted in with the theme of the event, namely teamwork and building a successful team."