The City Experience

The City Experience Tour showcases the contrast between old and new and the blend of East and West. Experience the history, culture and the lifestyle of multi-racial Singapore, the exciting heart of New Asia-Singapore. We will visit the Colonial district for a view of Padang, The Esplanade - Theatres on theBay and The Merlion - a mythical beast, Singapore's original half lion, half fish. Next stop, a visit to Little India, Chinatown and Gem Factory, admire the best of Asian craftsmanship.Last stop, visit the 52 hectares of primarily jungle and gardens, the famed Botanic Gardens.

Notes: Tour price is inclusive of admission to "National Orchid Garden"

Pick-up Time Tour Starts Duration Price (Adult) Price (Child)
0900 Hrs 0930 Hrs 3.5 Hrs 32.00 17.00


Breakfast at the Zoo  
(STB Leisure Attraction of the Year 2007, 2005, 2002, 2001, 98, 93, 92 & 91)
The Singapore Zoo is known as one of the best and most beautiful zoos in the world.
Rainforest Trail - Tram ride - An exciting tram ride through Wild Africa to see White Rhinos, Cheetahs, Zebras, Lions & our very own Tropical Crops Plantation & Orchid Garden.
Polar Bear - Watch them go “fishing” as they would in the wild as life fishes, pieces of fruit and meat frozen in blocks are thrown in for the bears to discover.
Wonders of the Wild show - This spectacular presentation immerses you in an exciting wild adventure filled with the spectacular aerial feats of primates and the aquatic brilliance of loveable sea lions and otters.
Elephants Of Asia - Enter into the incredible world of our gentle giants as they go about their daily routine of work and play.
Hamadryas Baboons – the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia - This award winning exhibit features a spectacular troop of over 50 baboons alongside Nubian ibexes, black- backed jackals, rock hyraxes and banded mongooses in a stunning landscape of massive rocks. Come experience the native Ethiopian lifestyle with rustic tribal villages, artifacts and coffee ceremony huts.
Jungle Breakfast (Optional) - Enjoy Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife, a fun-filled unique experience where you get up close & personal with our adorable orang utan, the elusive python & mischievous otter.

Pick-up Time Tour Starts Duration Price (Adult) Price (Child)
0800 Hrs 0830 Hrs 3.5 Hrs    
with breakfast     58.00 30.00
without breakfast     46.00 24.00


Sentosa with Underwater World  
We'll cross over to Sentosa via the causeway from HarbourFront Centre.On arrival,we'll board the shuttle to Underwater World, which at last count has a collection of 6,000 fish from 350 species.Served by a moving travellator, you can marvel at the mysteries of the deep through a 83-metre acrylic tunnel.Next, proceed to lmbiah Lookout-Singapore's biggest attractions!Get a great view from 131m above sea level at the revolving Tiger Sky Tower,Asia's tallest observatory tower.Take in fabulous 360 views of the surrounding Singapore Skyline and neighbouring islands from its vantage point and get a complimentary personalize Souvenir Photographs after your Tiger Sky Tower ride and bring back the beautiful memory of this tour.Tour ends with a breathtaking Cable car ride across to The Jewel Box where you can catch a beautiful view of the harbour and cruise centre. The tour ends with a breathtaking Cable Car ride across to The Jewel Box where you can catch a beautiful view of the harbour and the cruise centre. The tour ends with a breathtaking Cable Car ride across to The Jewel Box where you can catch a beautiful view of the harbour and the cruise centre. 

Pick-up Time Tour Starts Duration Price (Adult) Price (Child)
0900 Hrs 0930 Hrs 3.5 Hrs 59.00 34.00


Jurong Bird Park
Welcome to the "World of Living Colours" home to over 8,000 birds of more than 600 species.
Enjoy a panoramic view of the 20.2 hectares park onboard an air-conditioned Panorail ride.
Catch the daily unique bird performances like "Birds n Buddies" show which features birds that sing, talk, dance and count in several languages; Be awed by the majestic & mystifying eagles, hawks and falcons at the Birds of Prey show.
Visit thematic aviaries, like the award winning African Wetlands, the world's largest Lory Flight Aviary - Lory Loft, the Waterfall Aviary featuring the world's tallest man-made waterfall & the South East Asian Birds Aviary with its wide collection of South East Asian birds.
Other highlights include the Pelican Cove with all seven of the world's species and the newly renovated Penguin Expedition with 5 delightful species namely the King, Macaroni, Fairy, Rockhopper and Humboldt Penguin. The ship-like settings and the sound of sea waves will certainly heighten the experience.
Dont's miss out the pretty flamingos at The Flamingo Pool and Flamingo Lake, which offer a picturesque scene that is ideal for photo taking.
Amidist urban Singapore, a visit to the Jurong BirdPark promises fun and fond memories of the world's finest collection of birds in paradise.
* With Complimentary Admission Coupon: Adult - $28 / Child - $15 (includes panorail ride)

Pick-up Time Tour Starts Duration Price (Adult) Price (Child)
0900 / 1400 Hrs 0930 / 1430 Hrs 3.5 Hrs 41.00 21.00



Singapore Flyer + DUCKtours COMBO
The World's Largest Giant Observation Wheel.From sunrise until sunset, visitors will be able to take in different perspectives of the dynamic Singapore Landscape and even parts of Malaysia and Indonesia at every turn of the wheel.It's a bus! It's a boat! It's the Original Splashing DUCK! DUCKtours uniquely combines the city and harbour tour on an authentic Vietnam warcraft, offering you 60 minutes of amphibious touring adventure on both land and sea. .
* non guided tour

Pick-up Time Tour Starts Duration Price (Adult) Price (Child)
0900 / 1400 Hrs 0930 / 1430 Hrs 3Hrs 47.00 33.00


Singapore DUCKtours

Simply awesome -our war is a boat, a bus ,a is our unique splashing DUCK.The First and Original amphibious theme tour attraction in Asia,DUCKtours offers a combined City and Harbour tour without the hassle of switching craft.More than a tour ,it is 60 minutes of land and sea adventure. Don't miss out on a unique adventure of a lifetime to ride on a genuine Vietnam War machine and be prepared for a splashing good time as it waddles away.Duck Route: Our DUCK will embark on its journey from Suntec City and go by places such as Victoria Theatre, Supreme Court and the War Memorial Park.It will then proceed down to Marina Bay where you will be able to see the Esplande,the Merlion statue and Clifford Pier.After which ,it will head back to Suntec City where you may alight.Please find attached the map of our DUCKtours route for your kind persual. .
*pickup service is not provided

Pick-up Time Tour Starts Duration Price (Adult) Price (Child)
Hourly Departure from 10am - 6pm daily 1 Hrs 33.00 17.00


Peranakan Experience (Daily ,Except Public Holidays)
Babas, Nonya, Bibiks, Straits-Born Chinese.....these terms are commonly used by many Singaporeans to refer to the Peranakan Chinese,The tour starts with a walk-through of the spice garden-a small replica of the original tract Raffles established in 1822 on Fort Hill as the first "experimental and Botanical Garden" in the Singapore.The garden at Fort Canning was planted mainly with untmeg,clove and other economic plants.Next, visit The Peranakan museum is a boutique museum with the finest and most comprehensive collection of Peranakan artifacts in the world.Tour continues with a stop at Katong,evoking a warm nostalgia, especially among the older generation of Singaporean.Katong has retained a hold on its incredibly rich Peranakan and Eurasian heritage and architecture, soaking in its great charm.Drive passes Koon Seng Road in Joo Chiat-districts that showcase rich and baroque Peranakan architecture.This area is named after Chew Joo Chiat,a wealthy Peranakan landowner, who built shop houses and residential units on land he bought after World War 1.
* Please note that this tour will operate with a minimum of 08 passengers.
* Inclusive of Food Sampling


Pick-up Time Tour Starts Duration Price (Adult) Price (Child)
0900 Hrs 0930 Hrs 3.5 Hrs 45.00 22.00