M.S. Yangzi Explorer

Carrying just 124 passengers, the MS Yangzi Explorer offers the finest and most personalized service of any ship sailing the river. With other cruise ships accommodating well over 300 passengers the Yangzi Explorer is the market leader by offering such an intimate cruising experience. International standards of service, delivered by the highest ratio of staff to guests, ensure that every level of comfort is catered for during the cruise.

Luxury Accommodation
Complementing the attentive service are the largest and most beautifully appointed cabins and suites on the Yangzi today. The 38 Deluxe cabins (290 ft2) are extremely spacious, setting the Yangzi Explorer well apart from the typical regular cabins offered by other vessels. In addition, there are 20 Suites (387 ft2) and four stunning Speciality Suites - Jade and Mandarin Suites (732 ft2), and Celestial and Imperial Suites (829 ft2). Each Suite is exceptional in size, and is designed to create a more harmonious and luxury cruising experience. Most importantly, every cabin and suite features a viewing balcony that affords guests the opportunity to enjoy the kaleidoscope of ever-changing scenerythrough the gorges.

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